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  • Buying an Electric Arc Lighter

    There is nothing brand new or innovative about an arc lighter, even though many people think that is the case. You may think these lighters have just come onto the market, because you never heard about them before. But the truth is that the technology has existed for a very long time. in fact, the type of technology that is used to light up this lighter has been around for decades. The thing about this lighter is that you are not generating a flame in the same way that you would from a lighter that uses fluid.

    In this case, what you are getting is an electric arc lighter where you are generating an electric charge that will light up coils at the tip of the lighter. There is not even a proper flame, but a charge that you can see at the lighter’s tip where the coils are located. You will put your cigarette into that spot, and then you have your lit cigarette. You can do the same with a candle wick or anything else that you may want to light up. But the question that many people have is whether this lighter is worth the money.

    electric arc lighter

    Now whether the lighter is worthwhile to purchase is up to you to figure out. For most people, there is no pressing need for them to get this type of lighter. They can keep using the regular lighters they own, and there will be no issues. In fact, those lighters probably work even better in their opinion, because they are cheap and they do not require any maintenance or thinking. But not everyone is happy with those lighters. You may want something that is more reliable, exciting and fancy. In this case, the Tesla arc lighters are for you.

    The only odd thing about these lighters is that they do need to get recharged. It is not an inconvenience, but it is merely something that you will need to remember. It is not common to end up needing to recharge a lighter, which means that you will need to remember it when the lighter is in your pocket or on the table. Every 200 light ups or so, you will want to charge it for a couple of hours. That is all it takes, and then your lighter is back to normal. It is good to go, and you can resume using it as you were before.

    Ultimately, this is a lighter for enthusiasts who want something special. But there are practical benefits too. The best thing about this lighter is that you will never have to worry about how the elements are going to impact your ability to light something. If you want to light up a cigarette in blowing winds, it will not be an issue for you at all. This thing is going to work just fine, and you will not experience any type of problem with it. Just remember to keep it charged, and you are good to go!