There can be no doubt that by the time you start your first blogging lesson, universal appeal will be shared about one recommended blogging platform being used by a myriad of well-known commercial websites across the world. The beauty of this preferred platform from which to launch your first blog is that it is yours for absolutely free. But you will be quite unfamiliar with many of the terms and technical narratives that this hosting platform regularly uses.

You need not worry about that because by the time your first blogging lesson is over, through following recommended and recognized online teaching guides like, all will be explained, and all in good time. No need to rush, not especially since you can already have your first blog up and running while you are still learning. If you follow the advice given by the recommended training guides like to use a universal platform, you will never be losing any money from this enterprise.

And if you are really attentive and smart during your lessons, you will be following the good advice on choosing your blog’s name. It will not be entirely unique in the sense that somewhere down the line it is going to be cleverly coincidental to another blog or website that is already quite high up on search engine rankings on a regular basis. You could call this legal deviation something of a piggy back ride. The choice of your own blog website name remains important until the day you decide to take full ownership of your blog.

You will not be saying good bye for good to the recommended hosting platform – why would you, you would not wish to lose all the benefits that its free plugins, widgets and upgrades bring – but you will be hosting your own domain. Name choice is important in the sense that you are going to need to check and make sure that the name has not already been taken.  Your recommended training guide will be explaining in full why this is the case.

It will also be explaining to you what is meant by terms such as plugins and widgets, what they are primarily used for and what they do. And, of course, you will be shown exactly how to install these, along with a number of other tools, directly to your blog. Now, as you make progress with your blog, you should never consider that you have reached the end of your learning outcomes. All for your benefit, there will always be something new and more complex to learn.

For instance, learning how to monetize your blog, or make money from your blog, is never as cut and dried as lesson number one was in publishing your first post. It is well worth your while spending careful and slow time over these lessons so that you can derive maximum benefit and early results from the potentially rewarding outcomes.